Chain Link Fence Parts Canada

There are countless chain link fence parts in Canada to consider. Typically, you want to make sure that they are made in Canada. With that, it’s best to only use high-end, high-quality fencing components. That way, your home is going to be protected.

Chain Link Fabric

In general, the “fabric” is the wire or mesh, which forms to create the diamond pattern most chain link fencing offers. Many times, the 2-inch version is used around the home and business. However, if you are trying to surround a pool, the diameter needs to be under 2 inches for safety. Typically, the 2-inch pattern refers to the size of the mesh (distance between the two parallel wires).

Wire Gauge

Each of the spiral wires is woven together to get the fabric. Steel wire is used, and the gauge is the diameter between the wires. A higher gauge number means the wire diameter is thinner. Typically, you see gauges of 6, 9, 11, and 11.5, though 9 Gauge is the most common for commercial and home use. Generally, the 11 and 11.5 Gauge options are used as temporary fencing, with the 6 Gauge chosen for high-security applications.

What Is Selvage?

The selvage refers to how the bottom and top (woven strands of wires are bent) are finished. Typical selvage types include Barbed and Knuckle. The Knuckle version is rounded and safer because there aren’t any sharp points. Twisted or Barbed selvages have sharper ends and work well in high-security applications.

Available Coatings for Chain Link Fence Parts Canada

Most of the time, three coatings are available, including Permafused, Spectra, and Galvanized. Galvanizing uses a zinc coating on bare steel and is an economical solution for the average home. Typically, galvanized parts are hot-dipped, so they have a better bond.

Spectra and Permafused are referred to as vinyl coatings. Spectra is often used because it’s inexpensive and features a polyester powder coating. Permafused is more expensive and thicker, so it’s used in commercial applications. There are also fewer color options with these products.

Chain Link Fence Parts Canada Framework

The framework is the steel pipe frame that the chain link fabric is attached to. Generally, the framework is comprised of three parts (line posts, terminal posts, and top rail). The chain-link fence is galvanized coated to help with corrosion. There are two pipe weights available for most applications: SCH 20 and SCH 40. The “SCH” refers to the thickness of the steel. Most home applications use SCH 20.

Fittings for Chain Link Fence Parts Canada

To assemble the chain link fence, many fittings are needed. You can find specific fittings for terminal posts, line posts, and gates. Most residential applications use economical and lightweight die-cast steel or aluminum, and all of the fittings are galvanized. The fittings ensure that the components of the chain-link fencing are secure. In areas where there are gates, the “leafs” can move and be secure.

Concrete and Posts

You do not need to put the chain link fencing posts in concrete. Though it’s often recommended to pound the post into the ground to 4 feet deep, concrete isn’t necessary. Most professionals use post driver products to hammer the post into the ground. Consider hiring the services of a professional instead of installing a chain-link fence yourself. That way, the chain link fencing is more durable, and the hardware is going to fit correctly.

Various Components for Chain Link Fence Parts Canada

Chain link fencing may seem like it’s easy to install, but these products have many components. It’s best to acquire the services of a professional. That way, the fencing is installed correctly. That way, it’s durable and lasts a long time.

Typical parts for such fencing include:

  • Tension bar
  • Chain-link fabric
  • Brace band
  • Rail end
  • Loop cap
  • Top rail
  • Rail end
  • Line post
  • Dome cap

Choosing the right products ensures that the work is done right. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to request service from us. We make sure that the components and products are durable and strong enough to withstand years of use.

For customer support or questions, call us! Our products are the best in the business, and our services are excellent. You’re going to be glad that you chose us because the products are durable and we care about your needs.